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These routes in Hunan in the new summer and autumn seasons have been adjusted- Huasheng Online

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These routes in Hunan have been adjusted in the new summer and autumn season

Many airlines will add and resume multiple routes

Huasheng Online, March 31st, today, the reporter learned from Hunan Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, China Southern Airlines and many other airlines that entering the summer and autumn flight season in 2023, many routes will be added and resumed.

With the accelerated recovery of the tourism industry, China Southern Airlines will resume the Zhangjiajie-Shenzhen route starting from April 4th, with one round trip every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

In addition, China Southern Airlines will increase the number of flights from Zhangjiajie to Guangdong to 14 flights per week, and some Zhangjiajie inbound and outbound flight plans have been adjusted. The Zhangjiajie-Guangzhou route runs once a day. For the Zhangjiajie-Jieyang route, the flight schedule is adjusted to a round-trip every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

In the new flight season, China Southern Airlines also launched preferential fares for Zhangjiajie routes.

Hunan Airlines has further optimized its capacity and flight schedules in key hub markets such as Changsha, Kunming, and Wuxi. It plans to operate 36 routes, including 5 new routes, serving 31 domestic cities.

As “Hunan people’s own airline”, Hunan Airlines focuses on strengthening the route optimization and expansion of the main operating base in Changsha, and newly opened three popular tourist routes: Changsha-Chengdu Tianfu-Altay, Changsha-Chengdu Tianfu-Baoshan, and Changsha-Xishuangbanna. Up to now, Hunan Airlines has 15 outbound routes in Hunan.

Xiamen Airlines Hunan Branch plans to add new routes such as Sha-Yuncheng-Changchun, resume Changsha-Nanjing, Changsha-Sanya and Changsha-Taiyuan routes, and vigorously optimize flight schedules in Fujian and North China.

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All-media reporter and Tingting Wang Yiwei correspondent Zhao Jing Cao Yiyuan Lin Mengfei

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