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“They are going to take away your residency”

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“They are going to take away your residency”

Warnings to Cubans from Miami for trips to Cuba: they could lose residency

MIAMI, FL – Cuban residents in the United States are being warned by American government officials that they could risk losing their residency if they continue traveling to Cuba. This comes after a recent incident where a long-time Cuban resident in Miami received a warning from an immigration officer upon returning from a trip to the island with his family.

The Cuban resident, who has been living in the United States for almost 18 years, was advised by the officer not to return to Cuba as a process of revoking residencies for Cubans residing abroad could soon begin. The officer expressed concerns about how someone could claim asylum in the US while frequently traveling back to the country they fled from.

According to Javier Díaz, the wife of the Cuban resident, the officer at the Miami airport informed them that they were going to start removing residences for Cubans who continued to visit Cuba. Despite the man’s almost two decades of residency in the US and permanent Green Card status, the officer insisted on advising him against future trips to the island.

This warning is not an isolated incident, as a Miami lawyer previously stated that Cubans residing in the US could face questioning and potential citizenship issues if they travel to Cuba. Lawyer José Guerrero emphasized the importance of being cautious for those who have applied for asylum and won their case, as well as individuals returning to the island.

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It should be noted that the family in question has made multiple trips to Cuba over the past few years, with an average of eight or nine visits in the last six years. The implications of these warnings are clear – Cubans in Miami may need to reconsider their travel plans to avoid jeopardizing their residency status in the United States.

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