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They are looking for relatives of a man who is in the IESS of Manta

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They are looking for relatives of a man who is in the IESS of Manta

A man who has not been identified is torn between life and death at the Social Security (IESS) hospital in Manta.

inhabitants of Site Los Bajos de Afuera de Montecristi reported the discovery of an unconscious person on the side of the road.

It was after nine on Sunday night when they saw the man lying there. He had blows to his face and a fracture in one of his legs.

Paramedics from the Montecristi Fire Department arrived at the scene and assisted the affected person, who had vital signs, but was unconscious.

The patient was taken to the IESS hospital, where he was intubated due to the injuries he presented, and admitted to the Intensive care unit (UCI), in Manta.

However, they did not find any type of identification on the victim’s clothing, and for this reason the authorities have not been able to contact his family.

Because of this, a photograph of the affected person’s face was released, as well as a tattoo that he has in the form of a puma on one of his arms, so that his family can identify him and get closer to him. the IESS hospital.

About the cause that left the man in that state there are several hypotheses among the residents of Los Bajos.

we believe that the man had an accident motorcycle. However, the authorities did not find any crashed motorcycle near where the man was.

Others believe that he was a victim of thieves, and to rob him they beat him unconscious.
The man was found near a brothel.

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