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They ask again for the resignation of Irene Vélez

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They ask again for the resignation of Irene Vélez

The Minister of Mines and Energy is once again in the eye of the hurricane, this time due to the report on gas self-sufficiency.

The report “Balance of hydrocarbon contracts and resources available for the Just Energy Transition”, on which the Government relied to decide not to grant new exploration contracts, would present inaccurate and irregular figures, as revealed by Caracol Radio.

The report from the Ministry of Mines and Energy indicates gas self-sufficiency until 2037 and even longer, a figure that would not be exact and was not known to the Vice Minister of Energy, Belizza Ruiz, who precisely submitted her resignation two weeks ago.

“I never read the document before it was published; I was completely unaware of the writing of the text, the analysis, the graphs and everything that came out there. I met him at the same time as the Colombian population when he was presented on Twitter,” the vice minister told Caracol Radio.

“My name was put there to legitimize those figures and that text. Once read, I completely disagree with that document,” added the official.

A whole controversy broke out and now the opposition is once again calling for the resignation of Minister Irene Vélez.


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