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They ask the CNE to revive the New Democratic Force movement

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They ask the CNE to revive the New Democratic Force movement

The National Electoral Council has in its hands the request of former president Andrés Pastrana to revive the Nueva Fuerza Democrática movement, which was founded in 1990.

“Return, as soon as possible, the legal status of the Nueva Fuerza Democrática political party, which participated in Congress and came to have Andrés Pastrana Arango as President of the Republic, but which, for reasons related to actions of armed groups and criminals, the possibility of continuing with political activities was affected,” the request says.

It adds that they should” be recognized as statutes of the New Democratic Force those that were in force at the time of renouncing its legal status, as well as its logo and its code of ethics, which rest in that entity”.

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One of the reasons for requesting that the legal status of the community be recovered is due to the non-conformity of a large part of the Conservative Party with the government of Gustavo Petro.

“Currently, the leadership of the Colombian Conservative Party, contrary to its statutes, chose to completely abandon its ideological principles, adopting positions contrary to the statutes and the rights of conservative voters. This party has lost its way and those who agree with its political ideas face the impossibility of exercising their rights to elect and be elected.” reads in the petition signed by the attorney Camilo Gomezquoted by the station W Radio.

It should be remembered that in recent years, various communities have recovered their legal status, such as Salvación Nacional, Nuevo Liberalismo, Verde Oxígeno and the Partido Comunista.

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