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They call for a march in Cesar to demand the freedom of Heriberto Urbina

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They call for a march in Cesar to demand the freedom of Heriberto Urbina

On June 3 they will hold a march to demand the freedom of the 86-year-old rancher Heriberto Urbina, kidnapped in the municipality of Curumaní, downtown Cesar.

The call for the march was made by Roberto Lacouture, remembered for surviving a kidnapping by the Farc-EP in 1989. The starting point will be from seven in the morning in the sector of the Livestock Fair in Valledupar to Chiriguaná.

Roberto Lacouture indicated that all members of the agricultural, livestock, oil palm, and rice sectors, among others, have suffered from kidnapping, so the call is on behalf of all.
“It is not a union in particular that we have been kidnapped and we do not want a repetition of these acts of violence,” said Roberto Lacouture, a farmer and victim of the armed conflict.

Heriberto Urbina has been kidnapped since April 24. According to the authorities, the rancher was at a service station and was approached by armed men, who took him to the Perijá mountain range.

A National Police Gaula commission is investigating the plagiarism, but there are still no traces of the whereabouts of the rancher. Apparently, Heriberto Urbina is in the hands of the ELN guerrilla, which had already kidnapped him in the 1980s.

“The most serious thing is that they are taking older people, it is one more example that the bandits of the left ELN guerrilla, in their inability to speak and propose different solutions to the conflict, cowardly use weapons,” Lacouture said.

But Heriberto Urbina, a resident of Chiriguaná, is not the only one who remains kidnapped from the department of Cesar. The housewife, Amanda Arroyo Arrieta, 53, has also been kidnapped for more than two months after being taken from her farm in Tamalameque.

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