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They capture 11 members of a drug trafficking gang in the Choco Pacific

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Dismantled transnational structure dedicated to drug trafficking in the Pacific

This organization had the capacity to transport approximately one ton of cocaine hydrochloride per month to Central American countries and generated illegal profits of more than 240 million dollars annually. Among those captured are its leader and its logistics coordinator.

In the course of a military operation, in the last few hours the Military Forces, with the support of the Attorney General’s Office, carried out the dismantling of a transnational drug trafficking structure with the capture of 11 of its members in different municipalities of the department. from Chocó and Antioquia, who were dedicated to the marketing of cocaine hydrochloride with drug trafficking structures in Panama and Costa Rica.

With information from Naval Intelligence, the Marine Infantry troops of the Colombian Navy, troops of the National Army, together with the Technical Research Corps – CTI, aboard aircraft of the Pacific Aeronaval Group, moved to the municipalities of Bahía Solano , Juradó, Nuquí and the towns of El Valle and Playa Guarín in the department of Chocó, and the city of Medellín, in Antioquia, to carry out the simultaneous search process in different homes.

This drug trafficking structure set up temporary underground collection centers in rural areas of the department of several municipalities of Chocó, near the coastline, where it received narcotics from the departments of Cauca, Nariño, and Valle del Cauca, to later send them in Go-Fast type boats to Panama and Costa Rica. It is estimated that this organization had the capacity to send a ton of cocaine per month to Central America, to be sent to the United States and Europe. Generating approximate monthly profits of 20 million dollars, and annual profits of 240 million dollars.

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Within the framework of the different maritime control and comprehensive security operations, the Colombian Navy seized from this drug trafficking structure more than four tons of cocaine hydrochloride and two Go-Fast type vessels.

With this blow to drug trafficking organizations, the financial structures of the different organized armed groups that profit from the collection of taxes for drug trafficking are also affected.

Criminal profile

During the operations, alias “José Yeiron”, “Don Y” or “Ballena” was captured, who would be the main leader of this drug trafficking organization to which he had belonged for six years and was in charge of coordinating the shipment and collection of narcotics. , maintaining alliance with the Organized Armed Group “Clan del Golfo” Pacific substructure.

Likewise, alias “Chonia” or “Santa’s Woman” was captured, who worked as a logistics coordinator and leader of a component of the drug trafficking structure in charge of the custody of narcotics in the Playa Guarín – Chocó sector.

Among the others captured are alias “Fabián or F”, alias “Orlando”, who carried out coordination for the collection of narcotics; alias “Yussi”, in charge of distributing communications equipment and falsifying vessels for transporting narcotics; aliases “Luis Soga”, “Gordo”, “Yaison”, “William” and “Yemerson”, were in charge of hiding the narcotics in the temporary underground collection centers; and alias “Neisa” was in charge of receiving the money resulting from the marketing of narcotics, for the payment of the members and suppliers.

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