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They capture 13 members of the ‘Gulf Clan’ in San Diego

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They capture 13 members of the ‘Gulf Clan’ in San Diego

Soldiers of the Tenth Brigade, in coordination with the National Police and the Attorney General’s Office, within the framework of the Ayacucho Operational Plan, managed in the last hours to capture 13 alleged members of the Francisco José Morelo Peñate Substructure, of the GAO Clan del Golfo, in the townships of Media Luna and El Desastre, municipality of San Diego, Cesar.

The military operation had its origin in complaints received by Gaula Militar Cesar, which led to meticulous monitoring of the individuals involved for more than four months. Among those captured are important ringleaders, such as alias Alejandro, who is presumed to be responsible for managing the finances derived from illegal activities in the department; alias Ramírez and alias Franco Toni, who had prominent roles in different areas where citizen complaints were filed.

These individuals are accused of committing selective homicides and extortion in the northern area of ​​the department of César, generating insecurity and affecting merchants, ranchers, farmers and palm growers. In addition to the arrests, firearms and ammunition that were in the possession of those captured were confiscated.

The evidence and the detainees were made available to the competent authorities for the corresponding judicial processes. This operation represents a resounding blow to the illegal activities of the Gulf Clan in the region, seeking to restore security and tranquility in the affected community.

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