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They capture a motorist who ran over and abandoned a puppy in a garbage can – Diario La Página

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The Animal Welfare Institute (IBA) in coordination with the National Civil Police (PNC) captured a motorist on Route 38-D who ran over a dog and abandoned it in a garbage dump in Apopa.

This event was reported through social networks when they reported that the dog had been run over and needed veterinary attention so that they could save its life and find the person responsible.

Given this, the IBA team arrived at the scene, but the residents reported that the dog died minutes after the accident, so the alleged motorist responsible threw it into a garbage can.

“Unfortunately, the dog died instantly due to serious injuries, lacerations and fractures in various parts of his body, which forced the team to take possession of the body and manage its proper disposal,” IBA detailed.

On the other hand, the authorities carried out investigations to locate the owner of the dog, who revealed that the canine left her home by accident when she was going to throw out the trash.

Due to this, “the person responsible was identified and evidence of the incident was obtained. According to the person responsible, the canine crossed the street and was unable to avoid it.”

According to IBA, this subject could be prosecuted in accordance with the reform of the Penal Code, Art. 261-A, which “by action or omission causes or generates mistreatment, causing injuries, pain, suffering, permanent damage or impairing animal welfare, with prison sentence of 2 to four years”

In addition, they added that the motorist could receive a penalty of between 7 to 10 minimum wages ($2,555 to $3,650) for committing a very serious infraction based on article 63 literal I, of the LEPBA, which “punishes the inadequate disposal of animal corpses. company, in unauthorized places that put public health at risk.”

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