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They capture alias ‘Pajarito’, alleged hitman of the Gulf Clan

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They capture alias ‘Pajarito’, alleged hitman of the Gulf Clan

The National Police, through the criminal investigation section in the department of Cesar, captured a subject identified as Breyde Miguel Rodríguez Guevara, known as ‘Pajarito’, who was allegedly a hitman from the Francisco José mórelo Peñate front of the Clan del Golfo.

Among the cases attributed to him is the murder of Leider Patiño Guzmán in October 2023, in the municipality of Tamalameque, when the victim was inside his home where armed individuals arrived and without saying a word shot him. At that moment he was badly injured and hours later he died at the local hospital where he was taken by his family.

Apparently, the motive for this crime would be settling scores, because Patiño Guzmán had just been released from prison.

Likewise, the authorities indicated that alias ‘Pajarito’ would be in charge of coordinating and controlling local drug trafficking, and the execution of selective homicides and extortion collection in the jurisdictions of the municipalities of Tamalameque, Curumaní and Chiriguaná.

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