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They capture “Chalo” for cable theft in Neiva

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They capture “Chalo” for cable theft in Neiva

The Neiva Police managed to capture an individual known as “Chalo” in the San Martín neighborhood of commune 7.

The man, identified as Gonzalo Perdomo Vicaria, 32, was wanted for the crime of qualified and aggravated robbery.

The arrest took place in the race 1 with 21st street in the San Martín neighborhood, where uniformed members of the Criminal Investigation Section (SIJIN) carried out operational and preventive activities. By verifying the identity of «Hello«, it was discovered that he had a current arrest warrant for the aforementioned crime.

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This individual has an extensive criminal history, with a record that includes a conviction of 24 months for qualified theft and aggravated, as well as another of 48 months for illegal possession of firearms. In addition, he has 4 judicial notes as accused of trafficking, manufacturing or carrying firearms, 3 for theft, 2 for domestic violence, 1 for personal injuries and 1 for violent sexual intercourse with a person unable to resist.

The capture of “Chalo” was based on evidence collected by investigative personnel, which suggests his participation in the theft of 48 meters of cable underground copper pipe belonging to a cell phone company. The incident occurred on October the 17th of 2021 in the neighborhood The Pines of Neiva. The detainee was placed at the disposal of a guarantee control judge, who determined to shelter him with a security measure in his place of residence.

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