Home News They carried more than 60 million pesos in marijuana to Palermo

They carried more than 60 million pesos in marijuana to Palermo

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They carried more than 60 million pesos in marijuana to Palermo

Three people were captured by the Metropolitan Police, at the crossroads between the municipalities of Teruel and Palermo.

Those captured were identified as Víctor Manuel Cárdenas Callejas, 30 years old, resident of the Panorama neighborhood; Yasmín Suárez Duque, 40 years old, resident of the Julián Palomino neighborhood of Palermo and Mayla Alejandra Ortiz Suárez, 19 years old, resident of the Julián Polonia neighborhood of Palermo.

These people were transporting 30,000 grams of marijuana, distributed in 60 packages, which were hidden inside a Kia brand automobile, in which the two women were traveling.

It should be noted that this vehicle, once the verification of its systems has been carried out, presents inconsistencies in them, for which reason it is presumed that it was stolen in advance.

“Likewise, and according to the information provided by the community, the seizure of a Suzuki DR 150 motorcycle was achieved, in which the 30-year-old man was transporting, who had been carrying out the activity of bell ringer and escort of women and the stash,” said the Metropolitan Police.

It is necessary to indicate that the narcotic substance comes from the department of Cauca and would be destined for different outlets in the commune 8 of Neiva.

“With this important result, we managed to avoid the distribution of more than 30,000 doses of this narcotic in the streets of Neiva, and that more than $60,000,000 pesos, the product of its sale, strengthened the criminal income of the organizations dedicated to its commercialization. ”.

The 30-year-old man, who records judicial notes for theft and drug trafficking; and the 2 women captured, were left at the disposal of the competent authority, for the crimes of Traffic, Manufacture or Possession of Narcotic Drugs and False Marcaría, where a guarantee control judge determined for Víctor Manuel Cárdenas, a measure of confinement of liberty in prison establishment and for Yasmín and Mayla, a measure of custodial confinement in their place of residence.

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