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They carry out controls in hotels and residences in Neiva

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They carry out controls in hotels and residences in Neiva

Two commercial establishments were subject to control measures.

The Neiva Metropolitan Police has deployed the “Night Commandos” in the downtown sector of the capital opita. During these actions, two commercial establishments have been subject to control measures by the authorities.

The units of the National Community Surveillance Model by Quadrants, the Tourism and National Heritage Group and the Children and Adolescents Group, in collaboration with the Colombian Ministry of Health and Migration, carried out surveillance and control inspections in six establishments dedicated to lodging and stay, located between streets 5 and 7, between carreras 2 and the ring road in the center of the city.

During these actions, the uniformed officers requested background information from more than 60 people, and a foreign citizen was transferred to register by Colombian Migration, in order to verify her legal situation in the country.

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According to the Police, they carried out the temporary suspension of the activities of an establishment open to the public, located on Calle 6 with Carrera 1 H, which was carrying out activities other than those authorized by the Chamber of Commerce. In addition, the temporary total closure of a hotel located on Calle 6 with Carrera 1E was carried out, due to non-compliance with the minimum sanitation standards stipulated by Law 9 of 1979. The rooms and bathrooms presented unsanitary conditions and lack of hygiene.

The Neiva Metropolitan Police, in conjunction with other control entities, will continue to develop this type of activity. Faced with this situation, the National Police recommends that citizens, in this season of San Juan and San Pedro, verify the places where they plan to stay through the national tourism registry. It is also advisable to request photographs, exact location and any other information that allows them to know in advance the health and hygiene conditions of the establishments. In this way, safe tourism is promoted and inconveniences are avoided during your stay in the city.

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