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They deliver humanitarian aid to indigenous people of the Truandó river

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The Victims Unit delivered humanitarian aid to six indigenous communities of the Truandó River, Riosucio municipality, in Chocó.

These communities are in a situation of confinement due to the actions of groups outside the Law, which has affected the food supply to the population. This violation of human rights, according to the Attorney General’s Office, has been going on for almost five years.

After the verification mission, which had been leading since December, the Unit, in coordination with the mayor’s office, delivered food and hygiene kits to 470 families in the Truandó river basin, made up of 2,072 people who were affected by mobility. and the development of their daily activities and economic support, due to the dynamics of the conflict that still persist.

The territorial struggle between armed groups has caused indigenous communities such as Jagual, Marcial, Peñas Blancas, Pichindé, Juin Duur, Quiparadó, who inhabit this area of ​​the lower Atrato, to suffer constant violations of human rights and see themselves limited in their source of income. income, based on fishing, hunting, breeding of minor species, agriculture, among others.

As a result of the confinement, food security has been affected, as manifested by members of the communities. “This food helps us so that our children do not continue to die due to malnutrition, since our men have not been able to work, so there is a shortage of food in our homes; therefore, it is important to receive this help”, said Linda Conquista Puchicama, in Marcial.

This situation was reaffirmed by Gilberto Nirama, a teacher from the Jagual community: “We feel good about this help we receive now that we are confined; This food is a strength for the children’s nutrition, and we ask the Colombian state to continue helping us, since we need it at this time.”

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This violation of human rights and international humanitarian law has been present for nearly five years, according to a report by the Attorney General’s Office, a situation that has led the Victims Unit to activate the immediate humanitarian aid component in subsidiary support to the municipality.

In this sense, the entity will provide technical assistance to activate the 2023 contingency plan in order to continue coordination with the territorial entity, the Public Ministry and other competent entities to attend to the humanitarian situation in which the six indigenous communities.

Following this concern, the progress of the monitoring of the communities by the competent institutions and the continuity in the articulated actions of prevention, mitigation and restoration of rights in their ancestral territory have also been maintained.

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