Home News They denounce alleged irregularities in plaza remodeling works in La Paz

They denounce alleged irregularities in plaza remodeling works in La Paz

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They denounce alleged irregularities in plaza remodeling works in La Paz

Weeks after having delivered the work corresponding to the adequacy of the Olaya Herrera square and remodeling of the Jorge Oñate stage by the current administration of the municipality of La Paz, inhabitants denounce, through social networks, the state deficient where several of the materials used for the infrastructure of the place are found, among them the stage cover.

The initial value of this public works tender, awarded in March 2022, exceeded 1,100 million pesos and later had an addition of 250 million pesosaccording to the Planning Secretariat.

The Municipal Planning Secretary, Franklin Torres, supported THE PYLON what: “The issue of the sheet that was lifted is because a screw was needed that would have been misaligned by the strong breezes that hit here. That has already been corrected. The contractor company, which is from Barranquilla, which had installed this, was brought in to correct the lifting from the stage deck.”

On the social network Facebook, the comments of dozens of inhabitants of La Paz reveal the concern due to the way in which resources are being managed and works carried out in the locality. Some stress that it is a historical problem.

“It’s been a lot irregularities in our town and it is not from now. Today the new millionaire is the president of the day. Let us make known the existing detriment in the work of the square in the eyes of the mayor, so that the policy becomes effective and they can fix the damage. Every contract has a policy that responds for the risks and this has an execution time after the contract ends. If the mayor omits the detriment, there is room for a demandcomments the citizen Marino Zuleta.

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In turn, resident Alex Calderón said: “They painted the railings and they are already bare; It means that they did not sand them and they did not put anticorrosive on them. They removed many trees that shaded the chairs to rest, which they also took. Almost the entire floor was left and they changed the planks for pale ones that do not give the square showiness and harmony. The ramps were left without presence, more like the concrete of a rustic road. that work does not have a lifeIt’s in black and whiteCalderon said.

Finally, Diomar Gutiérrez wrote: “Not a month after the work of the plaza was delivered and look at the state of the roof, more than a billion to stay like this. Where is the oversight of this work? Where are the gentlemen of control entities? You have to find out the quality of these materials.


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