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They deploy a security plan for the end of the year in Huila

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They deploy a security plan for the end of the year in Huila

Department authorities will work together on a security plan in order to guarantee a peaceful end of the year in Huila.

The Huila Police Department and the Neiva Metropolitan Police launched today the “Always Present Christmas Police Security Plan” with the deployment of 3,292 police officers in charge of guarding the opitas and visitors during the end of the year festivities.

The device includes the implementation of key strategies such as «Conciliatory Friend» and the presentation of «Most Wanted Poster in December» to promote coexistence and guarantee security.

Colonel William Javier Lara Avendaño, commander of the Huila Police Department, stated that during the festivities, all service specialties will be active in the streets, sidewalks, townships, highways and tourist places of the department and its capital, Neiva. The plan guarantees total coverage and operational reaction 24 hours a day.

At the launch, the “Conciliator Friend” strategy was launched, designed to reduce quarrels during family gatherings. Community leaders were summoned to mediate altercations and discussions, preventing them from escalating to more dangerous situations. The “Conciliator Friend” will have specific functions, including mediating conflicts, maintaining constant communication with the police officers of the quadrant and providing security measures to prevent accidents related to gunpowder and drunkenness.

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3,292 police officers in charge of security in Huila.

Simultaneously, the Police socialize the “Most Wanted Poster in December” in different municipalities and the capital Opita. This poster highlights individuals such as aliases Tote, Volador, Chispita, Triki Trake, among others, accompanied by an educational video that highlights the dangers of irresponsible handling of gunpowder.

The Commander of the Neiva Metropolitan Police, Colonel Alexander Castillo Marín, assured that the operational presence will be significant in the capital of Huila, as well as in Palermo, Rivera, Aipe and rural areas. The objective is to accompany families and tourists during Christmas, guaranteeing a safe environment.

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For Travelers:

Avoid excessive speed on the road.

Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or psychoactive substances.

Carry out a techno-mechanical check before embarking on a trip.

Respect traffic rules.

Do not overtake on curves or on double yellow lines.

Practice defensive driving.


Do not allow children to handle gunpowder under any circumstances.

Gunpowder should only be handled by experts.

Report the illegal sale of gunpowder by calling 123.


Do not exceed the intake of alcoholic beverages.

Avoid buying liquor on the street; Prefer trusted places and recognized stores.

Check the packaging and sealing of the bottle; If it presents irregularities, do not consume the liquid.

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