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“They dismembered him”: Maduro attacks the United States for confiscated plane – El Nacional

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In a recent turn of events, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has accused the United States of dismantling a confiscated plane that was jointly owned by Venezuela and Iran. The Boeing 747 aircraft, which was originally sold to Venezuela by Iran, was confiscated in Argentina and ultimately dismantled in the United States.

The aircraft, which belonged to Venezuelan airline Estrella Internacional, was seized by Argentinian authorities in 2019 due to alleged violations of international sanctions. It was later transported to the United States, where it has now been dismantled.

Maduro has condemned the actions of the US government, calling the dismantling of the plane a form of “economic warfare” against Venezuela. He has accused the US of “attacking the sovereignty” of Venezuela and Iran through this act.

The dismantling of the plane has raised tensions between the US and Venezuela, further worsening the already strained relationship between the two countries. It remains to be seen how this latest incident will impact diplomatic relations between the two nations.

The Venezuelan-Iranian plane saga serves as a reminder of the ongoing conflict and animosity between Venezuela and the United States, with both countries engaging in a war of words and actions. Maduro’s criticism of the US government’s actions underscores the deep-rooted distrust and hostility that exists between the two nations.

As the situation continues to unfold, it is clear that the controversy surrounding the confiscated plane will have lasting implications for US-Venezuela relations. Stay tuned for further developments as this story continues to evolve.

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