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They find the missing children in the jungle of Guaviare!

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They find the missing children in the jungle of Guaviare!

In the midst of an intense search after the tragic accident of a small plane in the Guaviare jungle, the Military Forces have managed to find the four children who were missing.

After tracking them with the help of more than 100 members of the Special Forces and search dogs, the minors were located safely, far from the place where the single engine of HK2803 crashed.

The children’s names are Solemni Ranoque Mucutuy, 9 years old; Tien Noriel Mucutuy, 4 years old; Crisstin Nerimam Mucutuy, who turned 1 year old in the jungle; and Leslie Bombai Mucutuy, 13 years old. His discovery brings great relief to his family and the entire community.

Authorities had previously reported that Wilson, a 5-year-old Belgian Sheepdog trained in search and rescue, had also gone missing during the search. There was speculation that the dog might have found the missing children. However, it is unknown if Wilson was directly involved in locating the minors.

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The children are expected to be transferred to San José del Guaviare, where they will receive care and the necessary support. The authorities will issue official statements to provide more details about the rescue and the condition of the children.

This successful discovery is a reason for joy and hope in the midst of such a delicate situation. The dedication and effort of the search and rescue teams, as well as the support of the community, have been instrumental in achieving this positive result.

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It is worth mentioning that on May 18, the Civil Aeronautics confirmed the recovery of the three adult bodies that lost their lives in the tragic accident in Caquetá of the Cessna 206 aircraft registration HK2803.

This fact has been classified as a true miracle due to the survival scene that these four minors had to face, leaving clues that were compiled by the authorities and that also led to the authorities.

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