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They flee at breakneck speed to Castelfranco, a fugitive thief is arrested

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They flee at breakneck speed to Castelfranco, a fugitive thief is arrested

Full pursuit in Castelfranco late Monday evening, when the carabinieri arrested a 39-year-old Romanian thief, a fugitive. In fact, a prison order issued by the court of Asti was pending on the man, because he must serve 2 years in prison for burglary and aggravated theft. Together with two accomplices, in the industrial area of ​​Castelfranco Veneto, a gang made up of three bandits attacked a workshop around 10pm yesterday.

The owner of the business immediately alerted 112, because the alarm system had gone off. The Arma military intercepted an Alfa Romeo 159 car with three individuals on board, just stolen from the workshop, where the driveway gate had been tampered with and a window smashed. “The three criminals fled at high speed, in the direction of regional road 53”, was the notice issued to all patrols in the area. In their pursuit a crew of the Castelfranco mobile radio unit, assisted by three other patrols of the Arma.

The thieves then abandoned the car and fled on foot in the middle of the land, climbing over the fences. The carabinieri stopped the 39-year-old, found in possession of numerous burglary tools, a flashlight and a transceiver radio. The Romanian was supposed to be in prison for thefts that took place in 2016 in the provinces of Turin and Cuneo, made through the use of stolen large-engined cars. “The offender, due to his criminal record, is believed to have also removed the car from the Castelfranco Veneto workshop for similar purposes,” the provincial command of the carabinieri said. Arrested, he is now in prison in Santa Bona. It is hunting for two accomplices of him. The suspicion is that it is one of the gangs that has been raiding homes in the Marca Trevigiana in recent weeks.

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