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They investigate attack against soldiers in Guachené

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After being wounded with firearms in the municipality of Guachené, two soldiers from the Third Brigade are recovering in an assistance center in the city of Cali.

The Secretary of Government of Guachené, Carlos Graciano, said that the events occurred in a farm that is in dispute between Afro-descendant and indigenous communities in this area in the north of the department.

The official indicated that “they were shot in the distance, from the other side. These facts are the subject of investigation.”


According to an Army statement, the uniformed men were carrying out security and protection tasks in the sector known as El Chimán, in the rural area of ​​Guachené, north of Cauca, when they were apparently attacked by members of the residual organized armed group Dagoberto Amos.

The statement also indicates that one of the 18-year-old soldiers entered the care center with a gunshot wound to his left foot, while the other 21-year-old uniformed man had to be urgently admitted to surgery due to a wound. with a firearm at chest level.

The Army states that “the unit maintains communication with the families of our soldiers, at the same time that it arranged the accompaniment by an interdisciplinary team to provide the necessary support.”

Likewise, it adds that “troops from this unit reinforce the operational deployment to counteract other possible actions.”

In addition, it emphasizes that “this Command categorically rejects these actions that violate Human Rights and transgress the provisions of International Humanitarian Law.”

Photo: Municipality of Guachené


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