Home » They investigate outbreaks of acute Chagas in Tauramena and Yopal, 7 municipalities in alarm due to dengue – news

They investigate outbreaks of acute Chagas in Tauramena and Yopal, 7 municipalities in alarm due to dengue – news

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They investigate outbreaks of acute Chagas in Tauramena and Yopal, 7 municipalities in alarm due to dengue – news

A tragic weekend occurred on the roads and tracks of Casanare, where five people lost their lives in different traffic accidents, according to the authorities’ report.

Despite the multiple messages and campaigns carried out by the authorities to draw the attention of drivers, especially motorcyclists, to respect traffic rules and carry personal protection elements, accident rates do not decrease in the department. .

Right on the curve

Initially, the death of a motorcyclist identified as Hildebrando Chaparro Gómez was reported, on the road that leads from Nunchía to the municipality of San Luis de Palenque, in the section between La Nevera and Miramar de Guanapalo.

According to the report, Chaparro Gómez was traveling on a Suzuki motorcycle with license plate RSA56G, colliding on a curve with a truck with plates GOT153.

The first hypotheses indicate that, apparently, the fatal victim had invaded the lane of the other vehicle, but we must wait for the results of the authorities’ investigation to determine responsibilities in this unfortunate event.

Mourning in Monterrey

In events of which no further details are known, a young woman identified as Marian Sofía Muñoz Fonseca died in a traffic accident that occurred on Tulio Bautista Avenue in the municipality of Monterrey, while she was traveling on a motorcycle.

The accident occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning, when the young woman, in the company of a man identified as Carlos Sneider Melo Morales, were traveling on a Honda motorcycle with the license plate DRJ 87G. Melo Morales was injured and suffered an open wound to the head.

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The only details known about the accident are that, apparently, the motorcyclists collided with the Tulio Bautista Avenue separator. The young woman was taken alive to the Monterrey Health Center, where she died due to the severity of her injuries.

Tractor truck overturned

In another event that occurred in the early hours of Sunday, the driver of an oil tractor-trailer died when the heavy vehicle overturned, at kilometer 59.5 on the road that leads from Yopal to El Algarrobo in Orocué.

The fatal victim was identified as Camilo Solano Riaño, who died at the scene and the intervention of lifeguards from the Yopal Volunteer Fire Department was necessary to extract his body from the twisted cans of the vehicle.

According to the Fire Department report, the vehicle was transporting crude oil and there was a spill without affecting water sources, which made it necessary to transfer the fuel.

It is considered that the cause of the accident could be a microsleep, since the driver along with the vehicle had been blocked in a protest carried out by the inhabitants of the Mariara village, which would have caused fatigue.

A woman the fatal victim in Villanueva

The road tragedy over the weekend also affected the municipality of Villanueva, where a woman identified as Olga Lucía Cruz Ladino, 49, died on Saturday afternoon at the site known as El Tropezón, at the exit to the city ​​of Villavicencio.

According to the authorities report, the woman was traveling on a motorcycle with a man and they collided with a vehicle. The man suffered serious injuries and had to be taken to a medical center.

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crashed into a bridge

The tragic streak of the weekend also caused the death of a motorcyclist identified as Adrián Alonso Galvis Olarte, who died after colliding with the railing of a bridge and ending up at the bottom of a culvert.

This happened on Sunday on the Marginal del Llano road on the Tauramena – Aguazul route.

Galvis Olarte was traveling on a Suzuki Best motorcycle with license plate DGQ-81D, and after hitting the structure he was ejected and fell into the ditch. The brutal blow caused serious injuries that caused his death at the scene.

Source: news – HOLA Casanare

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