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They investigate the planning and execution of the Panamericana variant

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They investigate the planning and execution of the Panamericana variant

In order to determine alleged disciplinary incidents, The Office of the Attorney General of the Nation opened a preliminary investigation in the variant of the Pan-American Highway in southern Cauca.

the inquiry it began after the road presented cracks and affectations a few days after its inauguration that put the population and carriers at risk.

The measure is carried out against officials to be determined, in order to establish alleged incidents disciplinary actions of the servers who would have participated in the planning and execution of the contract for the works carried out on the Las Rosas alternate road, in Cauca.

The Public Ministry seeks to establish whether irregularities or omissions occurred in the projection of needs around the contracting of these works, as well as the determination of possible breaches that would have generated the deterioration of the road in such a short time since its delivery, putting the circulating population at risk, and thus affecting the principles of public procurement.


The Attorney General’s Office, through the National Directorate of Special Investigations Dnie, carried out a disciplinary inspection at the National Institute of Highways in order to collect all the documentation related to the contracting of the road work in Rosasin each of its phases (pre-contractual, contractual and post-contractual), including the administrative acts that regulate the maintenance of the road and the criteria set for the transit of motor vehicles on it.

Then he will visit the area to carry out an expert opinion and thus determine the contracted technical conditions; if the cracks and fractures presented on the track correspond to regular and foreseen damage at the time of contracting or if, on the contrary, could have been foreseen before the performance of the contract.

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