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They murdered a woman with a knife in Casacará

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They murdered a woman with a knife in Casacará

Katherine Rojas Medina, 37, was murdered with three stab wounds. She was a housewife, mother of three children, who was attacked with a knife inside her home in the El Carmen neighborhood of the Casacará district, Codazzi jurisdiction.

The woman was found dead by the eldest of her children, who insistently called her through the main door and, having no answer, decided to enter through the patio and when he opened the door, he found her lifeless in the living room and lying in a pool of blood.

To date, the motives for this crime are unknown and the perpetrator, however, revealed that the person responsible would allegedly be the deceased’s former romantic partner, with whom he would have had problems.

Officials from the National Police, together with the CTI of the Prosecutor’s Office, were present at the home of the events, who proceeded to the technical inspection of the body, and collect evidentiary material that leads them to the murderer.

This is the first violent death due to murder against a woman in Cesar, in 2024.

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