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They offer a 20 million reward for information about the Sanctuary massacre

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They offer a 20 million reward for information about the Sanctuary massacre

The massacre that occurred in the rural area of ​​the municipality of Santuario raised alarms throughout the department of Risaralda, since four lifeless bodies were found buried in a common grave. To find those responsible for the violent events, an Extraordinary Security Council was held headed by Governor Juan Diego Patiño.

The Council also had the presence of the mayor of Santuario, members of the police and the National Army, where they announced a reward of 20 million pesos for information about the case of the four bodies found in the rural area of ​​Santuario. Ruling out, first of all, that the massacre was committed by armed groups such as guerrillas or paramilitaries and there is a hypothesis that it could have been carried out by a common criminal group that operates in the area and that would be linked to drug trafficking.

The mayor of Santuario, Miguel Bedoya, in the middle of the Security Council that was held a few hours ago in the Risaralda Governorate, asked for an increase in force for the municipality to protect the lives of the population and “that they give guarantees to “all Santuareños, all peasants and all good people.”

For his part, Juan Diego Patiño, governor of the department, categorically rejected the violent events that are mourning the municipality and the department. In addition, he indicated that the case has a special investigative group in charge of clarifying the facts as soon as possible. Due to the magnitude of the event, there is coordinated work between the National Police and the National Army in critical points of the territory in order to control the situation. The departmental leader was incisive, ensuring that the reward of 20 million pesos seeks the dismantling of the organized common crime group “that fuels homicide and drug trafficking.” Being emphatic that this group does not have the category of Gaos (Organized Armed Group). The above indicates that the group does not have the influence of other larger organizations.

Colonel Héctor García, also present at the Security Council, says that they are waiting for the Forensic Medicine reports to find the causes of death of the bodies of the four men. The events occurred in a rural area of ​​the municipality, in the village of El Yarumo, so jointly both the Army and the police will make “a very important effort in terms of intelligence and criminal investigation” by carrying out control actions in rural areas because They are generating phenomena of drug consumption and trafficking.

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As this is a delicate issue that continues to be the subject of investigation by the competent authorities, he requested a “silk hand” treatment, due to the recent nature of the events.

In turn, the governor referred to the Harvest Plan, announcing that articulated work will be carried out between the Police, the Army and the Coffee Growers’ Committee for security in all the municipalities of the department.

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