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They premiere a film about jewelry and mining in Chocó

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Tomorrow, March 1, 2024, the Colombian film ‘Manos Que Hablan’, the debut film by director and producer Camilo Gómez Durán, will premiere in movie theaters in Bogotá, Medellín and Barranquilla.

This documentary presents the jewelry and mining tradition of Chocó, and current problems such as the contamination of rivers with mercury, the destruction of forests and the gradual loss of the goldsmith tradition.

It also reflects the communities’ struggle against state abandonment, corruption, lack of opportunities, informal and disorderly mining, and environmental destruction. It tells a story of resistance and survival, but it is also a call to action to protect the dignity of the inhabitants, the rich ancestral heritage and the unique biodiversity of Chocó.

“I wanted to highlight that beautiful jewelry tradition, those techniques for making jewelry that are a hybrid between the jewelry that came from Spain, through Mompox and which is the filigree technique, and the one that the enslaved people brought from West Africa. In Chocó the two knowledges merge,” explains the director.

“Although my first objective was the jewelry store, I couldn’t keep quiet about the destruction I saw. I went with one idea and ended up exploring another, I didn’t have a script to follow, so the documentary happened organically. “It’s very free.”

Camilo Gómez Durán, director and producer of this film, in addition to being a filmmaker, is a poet, short story writer, essayist and photographer. Through image and sound, he explores the beauty of nature, the challenge of uncomfortable subjects, and the art of self-expression. He has undertaken photographic and film experiments that address socio-political and moral issues, while addressing conceptual questions about identity in the modern world. His projects have been exhibited in New York, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Tampa Bay, Cartagena and Bogotá.

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It won the Excellence of Merit award at the Nature Without Borders International Film Festival – Canada 2023, Best Environmental Documentary Award at the Vancouver International Movie Awards 2023 and Special Mention at the 10th Huánuco Film Festival, Peru – FENACI 2023.

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