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They present a request for an accusation against men who burned a private transport motorist

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They present a request for an accusation against men who burned a private transport motorist

The Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) presented to the First Peace Court of Concepción Batres, Usulután, the request for an accusation against Miguel Ángel Martínez González, alias Zancudo, 44 ​​years old; Ciro Alberto Rodezno González, 36; José Rónal Lizama Martínez, 28, and Ángel Antonio Gaitán Melara, 20, for Aggravated Homicide and Aggravated Damage.

The fiscal institution asked the Court for provisional detention for the four linked to the case.

The FGR attributes to them the planning and execution of the homicide of a man on February 26 of this year, in Las Salinas street, La Zorra hamlet, San Felipe canton, Concepción Batres, Usulután.

The victim was shot and later burned inside a sedan-type vehicle, private license plates P-696700. The identity of the victim will be confirmed with the DNA result, but it is presumed that it is Sergio Bisael Centeno, 36, who worked in a private transport platform.

The victim’s relatives identified the vehicle and assured the police and prosecutors that Centeno went on a trip at noon -February 26- and did not hear from him until February 27, when the vehicle and the burned body were located. .

The preliminary investigation establishes that the four men participated directly and indirectly in the crime. Gaitán Melara was in charge of transferring the user of the transport platform to the Santa Lucia canton.

“They spoke to the victim and told him that they were going to wait for him on the El Litoral highway -Santa Lucia canton-, when (the victim) arrives, the user asks him to take a trip to the last house in the San Felipe canton,” stated the prosecutor in the case.

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When the victim enters the main street of the aforementioned canton, the defendants Martínez González, Rodezno González and Lizama Martínez follow him in a blue pick-up.

“Upon reaching the last house in the canton, the victim realizes that he was following him, and when he sees that the mosquito gets out of the pick-up, he accelerates the car and is chased for approximately 100 meters, but because of the type of street he no longer he was able to continue advancing,” added the prosecutor in the case.

Martínez González and Rodezno González got out of the pick-up, each shot the victim twice and later set the vehicle on fire with the body inside.

The FGR seized the vehicle in which the perpetrators mobilized to commit the crime and a motorcycle that they used for preparatory acts of the homicide, they also have call logs, among others.

The FGR rules out that the defendants are gang members.

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