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“They put their fingers in my mouth”

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“They put their fingers in my mouth”

President Gustavo Petro led a day of ‘Listen Government’ from Seville, Valle, where he addressed the situation of the coffee sector and once again questioned the appointment of the manager of the National Federation of Coffee Growers.

“While we know the names of prominent bureaucrats running the Federation of Coffee Growers, we do not find the name of a retired coffee farmer. I think there is a great injustice there; It must be said: they put their fingers in my mouth. In the last election, officials of my own government continue with the same logic of depredation of the Colombian coffee economy,” said President Gustavo Petro, in strong terms, when criticizing the election of Germán Bahamón in the federation.

The President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro, invited Colombian coffee producers to negotiate directly and without intermediaries with renowned food trading companies, offering the support of his administration to improve the income of peasants.

“I would like coffee farmers to work with the government, sharing their knowledge about growing coffee, the problems they face and the successes they have had. We must promote programs that strengthen the coffee economy, not only in terms of extension, but also in terms of industrialization,” said the president from the Municipal Coliseum.

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These statements by Gustavo Petro reflect his discontent with the appointment of Germán Bahamón and his concern for the situation of Colombian coffee growers.

“That we could make an alliance without intermediaries where the Government would help create the direct link between the final consumer of coffee and the coffee producer of seed, of yellow, of all the coffees that are produced in Colombia, so that the income of those producers could improve substantially,” he said.

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