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They report that Biden calls Netanyahu an “imbecile” in private

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They report that Biden calls Netanyahu an “imbecile” in private

On at least three recent occasions, US President Joe Biden has internally referred to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as an “imbecile,” but he still believes that the Jewish country should be supported, NBC reported Monday, citing its sources.

According to several people directly familiar with Biden’s comments, in recent private conversations, the president stated that he is trying to get Israel to agree to a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, but Netanyahu is “giving him hell” and is finding it impossible. deal with it.

“He just feels like this is enough” and that “this has to stop,” one of the sources commented on Biden’s views. Likewise, the media’s interlocutors pointed out that in recent weeks the president has disparagingly referred to Netanyahu as “this guy.”

On Sunday, the White House tenant had a telephone conversation with the Israeli leader, in which he warned him that his country should not carry out operations in the densely populated city of Rafa without a “credible and executable” plan to protect civilians. According to the report, last Thursday, Biden adopted a “noticeably sharper” tone and described Israel’s military strikes in Gaza as “excessive.”

However, a spokesperson for the US National Security Council said the two leaders have a good relationship. “The president has made it clear where he disagrees with Prime Minister Netanyahu, but it is a decades-long relationship that is respectful in public and private,” he said. For his part, insiders indicated that Biden argued that it would be counterproductive for him to be too tough on Netanyahu publicly.

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In this context, presidential administration officials assure that although the president has intensified his “unfiltered” rhetoric, he is still not prepared to make significant political changes. They affirm that both the head of state and his advisors continue to consider it correct to support the Jewish country. “I am a Zionist,” Biden declared at a recent fundraiser, reiterating his view that the Palestinian Hamas movement must be destroyed and that Israel must be protected. With RT

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