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They rob the owner of a farm: two spouses reported

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After the theft of a few tens of euros, the couple from Belluno had tried to escape, but was framed by the cameras

FARRA DI SOLIGO. They break into a house with the excuse of wanting to buy wine and rob a 78-year-old of the money he had in his wallet. Two spouses from Belluno, already known to the police, have been reported.

It was about 5pm a few days ago when the couple, aboard a white Fiat 500, arrived at the man’s farm with the only apparent intention of buying a few bottles of good wine. The couple, a man born in 1977 and his wife six years younger, follow the elderly man into the house. Taking advantage of a moment of distraction of the elderly, the woman slips the wallet from the pocket of her victim’s trousers, stealing the few tens of euros inside.

But the landlord notices the theft, grabs the woman by the arm and orders her to give him back the money. When she takes her cell phone to call the police, however, the woman manages to escape, gets on the 500 and runs away with the meager booty.

Thanks to the images recorded in the security system of the property, the Carabinieri of Col San Martino were able to trace the perpetrators of the theft (CE him and FS her, residing in the province of Belluno), on which the complaint for the crime of theft is now pending. in the house.

The couple is already known to the police: in 2019 they had sneaked into the salon of a hairdresser in Miane, stealing the wallet with 100 euros inside from the bag of one of the hairdressers.

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