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They seek to continue positioning Dosquebradas as a Smart Tourist Destination

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They seek to continue positioning Dosquebradas as a Smart Tourist Destination

During the tables that the Dosquebradas mayor’s office is carrying out for the construction of the 2024-2027 Territorial Development Plan of the municipality, the voices of the tourism and entrepreneurship sector were heard, where cultural heritage, green businesses, alliances and sustainability were some topics that were discussed at the tourism and entrepreneurship sector table.

“This is an exercise of collective construction, where we take into account citizens and organizations, such as in this case the tourism and entrepreneurship sector. These tables have the purpose of listening to society actors about the main challenges that the municipality has. We listen to how to direct the city and what contributions it requires in terms of competitiveness, tourism and the economy,” stated the Secretary of Economic Development and Competitiveness, Jorge Iván Arango, during the production of this space.

In this space, topics related to the promotion of nature tourism, the formulation of strategies to promote a sense of belonging and cultural identity, business collaboration to establish alliances that promote growth opportunities in the field of tourism and business were also addressed. sustainable. Likewise, the importance of preserving and promoting cultural crafts, as well as the provision of seed capital, among other aspects, was discussed.

On the other hand, the tour operator of the Serranía Alto del Nudo, Álvaro Cardona, shared that “we are very grateful for this participatory exercise, it is a program that belongs to everyone and for everyone, here we had the opportunity to express our thoughts and ideas to put in plans all the projects we have for Dosquebradas.”

“Very happy at the entrepreneurship table, it has been a very pleasant experience, since I have found an organized group of people who have expectations regarding this sector and we are invited to strengthen each other,” said the entrepreneur, John Bermúdez during the participation table. Finally, in this space the dreams of the members were shared and listened to, who shared their projects and proposals.

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