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They transfer migrants and close TRANS450 booths

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They transfer migrants and close TRANS450 booths

Migrants Receive Assistance from National Migration Institute in Honduras

Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Today, Friday, the National Migration Institute (INM) provided medical care, food, and transportation to approximately 200 migrants who had been camping at the Trans-450 shelters located on Central America Boulevard in the capital of Honduras.

The migrants, who were of different nationalities, received the necessary assistance to ensure their transfer to the border between Honduras and Guatemala. Many of them had been living in the Trans-450 stations for more than a week, which is a public service system that has never functioned as intended.

The INM provided aid in the form of a food card that could be exchanged at a supermarket in the capital. However, many migrants reported that they did not have enough time to redeem the card before being transported to the border. As a result, some chose to forgo exchanging their food in order to continue their journey without delay.

One migrant, a Venezuelan, expressed frustration at the situation, stating, “They are quickly removing us from this place, they are not giving us much time because they say they are going to close the place. Look, they gave me a card worth one thousand lempiras so I could exchange them for food. But they gave it to me yesterday and today as a surprise, well, the buses are already there and we have to evacuate.”

The INM had evicted and transferred a group of migrants from the Trans-450 booths a week prior. The booths, which were part of a failed public transportation project, had been serving as a shelter for dozens of migrants, mostly Venezuelans, who were traveling through Honduras on their way to seeking a better life.

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According to INM figures, at least 320 migrants had initially sought refuge in the Trans-450 stations while waiting to raise money to continue their journey. The flow of Venezuelan migrants crossing through Honduras has been increasing, with official sources recording at least 462,014 migrants of different nationalities passing through Honduran territory between January and the first ten days of November.

The assistance provided by the INM to the migrants at the Trans-450 shelters highlights the ongoing challenges faced by migrants seeking to travel through Central America and the crucial role that humanitarian aid plays in their journeys.

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