Home News They tried to put counterfeit bills in San Agustín

They tried to put counterfeit bills in San Agustín

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They tried to put counterfeit bills in San Agustín


Due to citizen information in the municipality of San Agustín, a subject was captured who minutes before had paid for an item with a false bill. Upon corroborating the information, the quadrant patrol realized that the subject was trying to deceive more people.

In the search carried out on the individual, the police found 6 counterfeit bills of $50,000 pesos and cash, apparently products of the returns received in the illegal action. For this reason, citizens are called upon to report if they were victims of this person.

The subject was made available to the Prosecutor’s Office for the crime of counterfeit currency trafficking.

How to identify a counterfeit bill?

Look: look at the images and colors of the ticket

Touch: feel the high relief in some images and text by touch

Lift: hold the banknote up to the light and discover images

Rotate: Observe movement and color changing effects as you rotate the bill

Check: Observe fluorescence using UV lamps and check microtexts using a magnifying glass.

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