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They were left with nothing in Galicia Baja

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They were left with nothing in Galicia Baja

The city has not been able to recover from the impact of the fire that occurred in the Futuro Bajo neighborhood of Cuba and again a conflagration leaves multiple families on the street, the affected sector is now the Galicia Baja neighborhood; The authorities are trying to establish not only the cause of this tragedy, but also to help and help all the families who were left with only the ashes.

They were a sleep

It was 11:00 at night on Sunday, March 3, the residents of the El Hueco sector began to hear screams and a loud commotion coming from the houses in the background, many were asleep, other people were preparing to go to bed and only some were not there, since they worked the night shift; When they looked out there were already several homes that were being consumed by flames.

The stories of those affected are heartbreaking, they all agree that they only managed to get their loved ones out, since most of the homes were made of boards, guadua, plastics and other highly flammable materials; The community leaders and the youngest helped carry most of the families out, while everyone who could walk without problems went up the stairs.

In the emergency

The Pereira Fire Department, according to those affected, took a while to arrive at the site due to a complication, since the machines are very large and the road is very narrow, as well as the entry points to the neighborhood, so it took about 40 minutes. of fear, anxiety and despair on the part of all those who were present.

Before the arrival of the lifeguards, a mother with five minor children could not find a way to get her little ones to the main road; her house was one of the furthest away, so she opted to take them all to a guadual that It was close to take refuge from the fire with the help of the vegetation and they only managed to be removed from there with the help of the Firefighters.

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At the same time that she was running with the little ones, another family that lives a little further up was fighting against the door of a loved one’s house, a grandfather of about 80 years old was sleeping alone that night and always used to put a padlock from Inside, in the middle of the emergency he couldn’t find the key and they had to knock down the entrance to get him out alive.

Turning off everything

After the arrival of the first fire extinguishing machine from the Fire Department and while the other cars from Pereira arrived, support was requested from other agencies due to the magnitude of the conflagration; The column of smoke could be seen from a large part of the city and it was necessary for units to arrive from the Dosquebradas Firefighters, Volunteer Firefighters, Santa Rosa Firefighters, Civil Defense, The Red Cross, Ponalsar, Aguas y Aguas, Energía de Pereira and several ambulances to care for those affected and check their health status; Among them, five people were affected while helping, two with burns and three with other types of injuries, in addition to the five minors who hid with the mother in the guadual.

The fire was brought under control around 1:00 in the morning, but everything did not end there, since firefighters and first responders entered the scene to remove the debris and look for hot spots so that it would not re-ignite. no sector; The complexity of the terrain meant that this took several hours, finishing around 8:00 in the morning.

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Lower Galicia

Just like other neighborhoods that were built around the highway, founded from the old lane, at first glance this sector only has houses on each side and there are few points where they extend backwards through the same geography of the township of Galicia, but this sector called by some as the Hollow is one of the largest.

Many families had legalized their land and built their houses partially in material, they had public services installed with all the law, while other newer ones (although several years old) were carrying out this same process, which are better known as invasions. .

In numbers

50 houses were completely burned according to the initial report. 70 families lived in these houses. 95 Firefighters units were on the scene. 5 tank trucks supported the emergency. 3 ambulances. 9 support vehicles from all entities.

It is unknown how many pets perished at the site, but there are several dogs and cats.

The amount

Approximately 9 hours were needed to put out the fire and cool the area.


The leaders of the Neighborhood Community Action Board say that there are many more people affected and the homes burned, so they asked the DIGER for a recount.


The hypothesis of the start of the fire, for the moment, remains under study by the experts of the Fire Department.

Carolina Isaza Gómez – Leader of the Galicia Baja neighborhood

Carolina Isaza Gómez – Leader of the Galicia Baja neighborhood

“We are still in shock, there has been no time to cry, or to scream, or to find out, these are total losses and we must gather strength so that the aid does not go to people who do not need it.”

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Asdrúbal Vásquez – Damaged by the fire

Asdrúbal Vásquez – Damaged by the fire

“I was already sleeping with my children and my wife, that was consumed very quickly, very little reaction time, the only thing we could save was our lives.”

Henry Gonzalez Pérez – Damaged by the fire

“I am the Baker from here in the neighborhood, we are very affected, very sad, I believe that there are more than 100 families affected and we need help from the local government.”


Carlos Gómez – President of the Community Action Board

“Here we need help for the people who were left on the street, we do not need news that causes more pain in the community, the help can be channeled into the neighborhood community shed” – 3053932645

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