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They will carry out maintenance in the catchment of the Piedras and Mamatoco rivers

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They will carry out maintenance in the catchment of the Piedras and Mamatoco rivers

With the objective of improve reliability and optimize the operation of the infrastructure that distributes water to the north of the city, the Public Services Company of the District of Santa Marta, Essmar, will carry out today Preventive maintenance to the sand traps of the Piedras river intake and breaks pressure, as well as to the module 2 of the treatment plant ‘Mamatoco’ Drinking Water.

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These works will be carried out during the hours included between 6:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. and due to maintenance work the ‘Mamatoco’ Treatment Plant The following neighborhoods will present low pressure:

La Lucha, Manzanares, Martinete, Pando, Pastrana, Privilegio, San Pablo, Urbanization October 20, Canarias Residential Complex, El Carmen, Las Malvinas, La Lucha, – April 19, Alembic, Bavaria, Bavaria Reserved, Bellavista, Bolívar, Boston, Downtown, Historic Center, Costa Verde El Mayor, El Prado, El Pueblito, El Territorial, La Esperanza, La Tannería, Los Angeles, Los Troncos, Minuto de Dios, Obrero, Taminaca 1 and 2, Tierra Baja, June 13 , El Refugio Urbanization, Villa del Rosario, Nuevo Jardín, Pepe Hurtado, Perehuétano, Santa Catalina, Santa Catalina 2000, Santa Helena, Bavaria Country Urbanization, El Río Urbanization, Las Delicias Urbanization, Los Cerros Urbanization, Pradera Urbanization, Santa Elena Urbanization, Santa Rita Urbanization, Silvia Rosa Urbanization, El Cisne, La Rosalía, Rodrigo Ahumada, Tres Puentes, Villa Campo, Villa Italia, Villa Mercedes, Villa Toledo, Yucal 1 and 2, Acacias, Cantilito I, II, III, IV, Once de November, Garagoa Urbanization. Av. Libertador – P. Mamatoco, Bolivarian, Los Trupillos, Alejandrina Urbanization, Boulevard del Rio Urbanization, Villa Ely, Villa Sara, Market Zone, Alfonso López, Almendro, Betania, César Mendoza, July 20, Barrio Obrero, Nacho Vives , El Pradito and El Recreo.

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These operations were carried out to provide a better service to the Samarios and guarantee drinking water in their homes.

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Likewise, Ensenada Juan XXIII 1 and 2, Ensenada, Olaya, Los Almendros, Manguitos, Miraflores, Olaya Herrera, Pescaíto, San Fernando, San Jorge, San Martín, Guido Urbanization, Habitat Urbanization, Pérez Dávila Urbanization, Riascos Urbanization, Veracruz Urbanization , Altos de Santa Rita, El Olivo, August 7, Los Alcázares, Alto Jardín, Andrea Doria, AV. Del Río (III Stage) Av. Libertador, Caribe Inn, El Cundí, El Recreo, Elvira María, Jardín, Libertador Los Cocos, Public Market, Urbanization Las Delicias, Porvenir, Postobón, Recreo, Salamanca, San Francisco, Urb. Benjamin Álzate, Reposo Urbanization, San Carlos Urbanization, December 17, December 8, February 8, November 11, Altos de Santa Rita, Altos Delicias, Altos Villa Concha, Balcones del Libertador, Bastidas, Belén, Cardonales, Chimila 1 and 2, Divine Child, El Pantano, Esmeralda, Florida, Galán, Galicia, La Estrella, La Unión, Las Vegas, The Founders, Luis R. Calvo, Miguel Pinedo, Nueva Galicia, Ondas del Caribe, Pamplonita, Paradise, Salamanca, Salvador , San Pedro Alejandrino, Santa Lucía, Santa Mónica, Santafé, Simón Bolívar, Tayrona 1 and 2 Urbanization Santa Lucía, Villa Aurora and Villa del Río.

In the event of any eventuality, the samariums may communicate to the Unified Call Center 116 or landline 4209676.

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