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They will decide the fate of the mayor of El Copey for alleged corruption

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They will decide the fate of the mayor of El Copey for alleged corruption

For the morning of this Tuesday the preliminary hearings in which they will decide whether to keep the mayor of El Copey, Francisco Meza Altamar, deprived of his libertyaccused of alleged corruption for various contracts in the municipality.

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The First Municipal Criminal Court with the function of Control of Guarantees must rule on the request of the Prosecutor’s Office, which requested that the president be sheltered with an insurance measure with home detention.

According to the Prosecutor’s OfficeFrancisco Meza Altamar favored with contracts the companies Foundation for Social and Productive Development, Fundicopof which he was the owner, manager and legal representative, and Servicios Integrales del Caribe, Sicarcol SAS, which was established by his brother.

The mayor would have entered into 12 contracts with these companies whose total amount exceeded $4,000 million.

However, defense attorney Raúl Hernández assured that the reasonable inference of the mayor’s participation in the events had not been proven.

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I request that the petition deprecated by the prosecuting entity be dismissed unfavorably (…) The reasonable inference of authorship and participation in the head of Mr. Francisco Manuel Meza in neither of the two crimes is structured“, Hernandez pointed out.

The last word will be with the judge, who will not only decide on the insurance measure for the mayor, but also for the former secretary Belkis Jiménez and the contractor Antonio Andrade.

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