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They will increase foot strength on the Tadó-Pereira road

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They will increase foot strength on the Tadó-Pereira road

After the violent events that occurred last week on the Tadó-Pereira highway, where members of the ELN incinerated three intermunicipal service buses of the Flota Occidental company, the authorities announced an increase in the police force in the area.

Colonel Carlos Mauricio Salas, commander of the Artillery Battalion No. 8 San Mateo de Pereira, indicated that the control posts and motorized units will also be increased, in addition to supporting the security measures that the affected transport company decides to take.

“We have placed some additional checkpoints, we are going to send our motorized vehicle to the Santa Cecilia sector, and at this moment we already have a platoon, that is, a light cavalry group, which is carrying out the specific control of the road, and They are safeguarding that area on the border with Chocó. We are also working with our National Police to prevent violent acts from continuing, ”he said.

The governor of Risaralda continues to request the presence of the Minister of Defense to hold an urgent security council in order to take new measures of the national order.

The ELN released a pamphlet announcing that the transport companies that offer their services on this highway must pay them large sums of money to be able to continue traveling normally, under pain of further violent actions against them.

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