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They will not be able to compete due to lack of resources and support

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They will not be able to compete due to lack of resources and support

Julián Andrés Santa

The Risaraldense Athletics League announced that they will not be able to participate in the U-14 and U-16 National Championships to be held from May 3 to 5 in the city of Cali, due to the lack of support and resources from government entities and private companies. The president of the league, José Zapata, expressed that so far in 2024, they have participated in four national competitions with their own resources, however, on this occasion they do not have enough funding to be able to travel.

“Very valuable resources are needed for each child. We would be in Cali for three days, because we still don’t know and transportation and food are needed. That generates a resource of more or less 570,000 per child and we do not have that resource from the private or public companies. Some parents are trying to manage the resource to take their children individually but in this case I think it would not be fair because they are already representing our department and our capital.”

What do they tell you from the departmental government?

“The Risaralda Government and the secretariat have informed us that the resource is being managed and that very soon they will ask us for the documents for this year’s support, that is, I am not attacking anyone on this side. It is true that this year there was a change of government and private companies have not been present either.”

“This year the allocation of the budget for sports and for some other areas of public administration is very delayed, but if you are the one who governs and is the one who makes the decision, you must also foresee these situations for something as important as sports. , in this case the athletics that gives the department and our capital excellent results, not only at the national level, but also internationally,” adds the president of the league, José Zapata.

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Processes are affected

Regarding the management of the league’s own resources, the leader expresses: “We are an entity that promotes a sport and it is with the resources that we manage to manage, the issue is that children suddenly lose the opportunity to be part of a permanent team. that allows them to integrate the Colombian National Team for an international tournament in this case. This category also allows children to prepare for the Intercollegiate final that is approaching in the city of Valledupar.”

For his part, Luis Eduardo Duque, Secretary of Sports of Risaralda, explains: “The support contracts of the different leagues are coming out progressively, at this moment we have 12 contracts from the priority leagues, we are waiting for the balance resources to arrive from the Assembly that will more or less take place in 10 or 15 days.”

League self-management

“It hurts me that the leagues do not have their own self-management resources to take athletes. While it is true that the athletics league has gone to several sporting events without the support of the Government because the resource has not been received, it is also true that there are marathons or private events that also receive resources and that the leagues do important self-management. to support their athletes.”

“You have to understand that every four years that a government starts, resources are low, the league understands that, the federation has to foresee it, there are many departments that are barely making support contracts, what’s more, we had a meeting with the department managers and only about two or three are barely making contracts, the rest are barely generating resources. We are committed but we cannot tell lies to the leagues that we are going to have a resource now, if the management is just being carried out by the Assembly,” points out the department’s sports secretary, Luis Eduardo Duque.

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In total there are 22 athletes (14 boys and eight girls) who hope to be able to represent Risaralda in this national competition.


Some of the Risaralda athletes who began their sports careers in these National U-14 and U-16 championships are: Angie Melissa Palacios Arévalo, Yesenia Sánchez Hurtado, Yesica Sánchez Hurtado, William Samuel Moreno Villanueva, Keisy Alexandra Mosquera Abonce and María Fernanda Mejía Londono, among others.

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