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Thief on cars parked at Canova airport. Police: ‘Reported’

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Thief on cars parked at Canova airport.  Police: ‘Reported’

In the night between Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 January, the agents of the Treviso Police Headquarters, as part of the territorial controls, intervened following a report concerning a man wandering suspiciously among the cars park near theTreviso Canova airport.

Upon arriving at the scene, officers heard a loud noise of breaking glass and they noticed a man holding a large red blunt object. The man tried to run away, but was immediately caught up and stopped by the officers.

After a thorough inspection of the parking lot, officers discovered that the man, identified in a young man of twenty with a criminal recordhad previously broke the windows of three cars and had stolen some luggage which he then hid behind a hedge.

In the immediate future, the agents managed to make contact with only one of the car owners who was abroad for work and who manifested hisintention to formalize the lawsuit as soon as possible without which, moreover, it would not be possible to denounce the man, on the basis of the new provisions of the Cartabia reform.
For the other two episodes of theft and aggravated damage, it will be possible to report the twenty-year-old only if the owners formalize their will to prosecute him.

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