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Thieves are captured in the area of ​​the Flower Clock, in San Salvador

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Thieves are captured in the area of ​​the Flower Clock, in San Salvador

Gang members of the 18 are sentenced to up to 45 years in prison for murdering the bank employee, Cristian Joel Mejía Quezada, in the municipality of San Martín, department of San Salvador.

The Specialized Sentencing Court “A” of San Salvador, imposed 45 years in prison on Luis Antonio Anzora Hernández, while the gang members Jonathan Josué Carpio Méndez, Víctor Manuel Cruz Parras, Fredy Mauricio Rogel Romero and Miguel Alberto García Carpio, the sentence imposed was 35 years in prison for each.

At the end of the public hearing, the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) fully documented the case, with sufficient elements of documentary and expert investigation, mainly with the contribution of a key witness who recounted the manner in which they deprived released the victim, who worked for a banking agency in Soyapango.

The FGR established that a leader of the 18 gang ordered the assassination of the young man, who was deprived of his liberty on January 10, 2022, and his remains were exhumed at the La Loma farm in San Martín.

At the hearing, it was established how the murderers planned the act. Mejía Quezada was intercepted by gang members from the Génesis de San Martín community, when he was carrying out his duties as a collection agent for the financial institution for which he worked.

Five other gang members linked to that gang were also sentenced for illegal groups, among them: Orlando Quintanilla Carpio and Kevin Adonay Mejía Sánchez Víctor Manuel Pérez Rivera, Nelson Humberto Carpio and Máximo Orlando Gámez Gil.

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