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Thieves use motorcycles without license plates to steal in NYC – Telemundo New York (47)

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Thieves use motorcycles without license plates to steal in NYC – Telemundo New York (47)

Motorcycle Robberies Increase in New York City, Authorities Conduct Undercover Operations

New York City has seen a surge in motorcycle robberies as suspected thieves target people’s belongings across the city. To address this growing issue, authorities have begun conducting undercover operations in the five counties to find ghost motorcycles linked to these crimes.

The main threat is from scooters used by thieves, many of which do not have license plates, making them difficult to identify. Undercover agents are focusing on individuals who disguise themselves as food delivery workers and then steal cell phones, unlock them, and send them abroad for fraudulent transactions and resale.

Earlier this month, New York City Police arrested several individuals in connection with a pattern of cell phone thefts. Dozens of individuals have fallen victim to these robberies, with women walking alone being targeted for their cell phones, wallets, and shopping bags.

Surveillance video has shown the thieves stealing, and some of the stolen phones have been tracked to other U.S. cities such as Miami and Houston, as well as Colombia, where they are cleaned and sold again.

NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Communications Carlos Nieves stated, “The person who operates the motorcycle gets paid $100 a day, and for each phone they steal, they can get between $300, depending on the phone. Those phones are then taken to an apartment where a technician checks them and tries to break the passwords to steal money from the victims’ bank accounts and credit cards.”

As part of the effort to address this issue, numerous scooters have been confiscated, with many of them lacking license plates or proper registration. There are currently 32 active investigations into these scooter-related assaults in the city.

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In 2023, more than 14,000 motorcycles were confiscated, double the number from the previous year, and 2024 is on track to break this record, with nearly 3,000 confiscations so far. Some of the individuals involved in these thefts reportedly live in migrant shelters, and many of the scooter seizures have occurred around hotels serving as shelters.

This has sparked a debate over the need for stricter laws on the registration of these vehicles, with the issue being considered by the Municipal Council.

The increase in motorcycle robberies in New York City has prompted the authorities to take action with undercover operations and confiscations of ghost motorcycles in an effort to address this growing crime wave.

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