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Third pole at 8 percent in Belluno, Griguolo satisfied

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Third pole at 8 percent in Belluno, Griguolo satisfied

The Third pole reaches 8 percent in the Belluno area, both in the Chamber and in the Senate, and in the coalition of Calenda and Renzi a very positive result is celebrated for a political group that has recently appeared on the scene.

The Belluno area Marco Griguolo, candidate for the House, enthusiastically comments on the practically definitive results. “The figure on Sunday evening gave us around 6 percent, now we have reached 8”, he explains, “it is a great satisfaction as regards the vote in the province of Belluno to have achieved this result with a list born in little more than a month, especially thinking from the starting point: at the regional Italia Viva it was about 0.7 per cent, a result that we have increased tenfold, while Action had not yet taken the field ».

“I believe that for the province of Belluno it is an excellent result”, Griguolo underlines, “it is not a point of arrival but a starting point for the construction of a subject that can also involve other worlds, bringing them closer to ours in view of the next political commitments that there will be in the coming years, from the European to the regional ones ».

“Looking at the data disaggregated municipality by municipality”, Griguolo underlines, “above all a homogeneity of the vote emerges, we are present in a homogeneous way on the territory. It means that throughout the Belluno area it will be possible to work towards and pursue this political project ».

A positive result, underlines the Belluno candidate of the Third Pole, made possible thanks to two factors: «The first was the concreteness of the program and then the fact of having tailored it to the Belluno reality. This meant that the people of Belluno could feel represented by our proposals in this territory which certainly has peculiarities that cannot be found elsewhere ».

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