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Thirty-five cameras to check the streets of Fonzaso

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Thirty-five cameras to check the streets of Fonzaso

Thirty-five cameras scattered across the Fonzasino area at twenty points (for example, on the square there are two in a single point, but oriented in different directions). A network that covers the sensitive places and the main traffic junctions: center, hamlets, industrial area, accesses to the town along all directions.

The Municipality is preparing the new video surveillance system, which will soon come into operation. Everything is almost ready, based on the 112 thousand 698 euro project (of which 72 thousand 518 euro for the work and 40 thousand 180 euro for sums available to the administration).

The works started in May, entrusted to the company Servizi & Sistemi of Lentiai, for an operation started by the previous administration and carried on by the current one.

“The system is assembled, but for some cameras positioned on the street lamps of the public lighting network in points distant from the buildings, which are connected to the electricity to be powered, it is necessary to use buffer batteries”, explains the new mayor Christian Pasa. «The street lamp, however, only lights up with twilight, so that line is not powered during the day. In the evening those cameras are powered by the electricity of the public lighting line, while during the day they need a buffer battery so that they can work. The second excerpt of the works (the first is completed) concerns only the connection with buffer batteries for those cameras distant from the buildings, especially in the industrial area or at isolated intersections ».

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Meanwhile, the administration is carrying out a revision of the municipal regulation on video surveillance. “It was out of date and needed to be updated to adapt it to current regulations,” continues Pasa. “In addition to the technical point of view, there is also an adaptation from the regulatory point of view for the use of the plant,” he adds. “We can say that the plant is finished and with most of the cameras it could already go into operation. With this latest work we fix those that remain isolated and in addition we are concluding the revision of the regulation, which we must approve before announcing the operation of video surveillance. We will do it shortly “RAFFAELE SCOTTINI

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