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This April 19th declared ‘Civic Day of Peace with Nature’, by the Petro Government – news

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This April 19th declared ‘Civic Day of Peace with Nature’, by the Petro Government – news

In addition, the decree establishes that every year, the third Friday in April, is a civic day to reflect on climate change.

As the afternoon of this April 18 fell, the Presidency of the Republic published decree 500 of the date, in which it establishes that, starting this April 19 (M-19) and every year, the third Friday of this The same month the “Civic Day of Peace for Nature” is commemorated, a decision that was considered by many sectors of Colombia as improvised and without good reason.

One of the arguments put forward by the president says: “This April 19, day of rebellion, reading, talking with family and friends about the danger of climate change, about who produces it, about what should be done,” wrote President Gustavo Petro on his X account.

The head of state, in his count ofsaid that “colleges, universities and private companies can use tomorrow as a civic day.

For his part, the Minister of the Interior, Luis Fernando Velasco, clarified that this date “is not just tomorrow, it is every year: the third Friday of the month of April will be considered a non-working day, for the protection of the natural resources”.

He explained that this decree covers all public entities of the national order, both at the central and decentralized levels, which are called to suspend activities and will adopt the pertinent instructions that allow their servants (officials and contractors) to suspend their work and customer service activities. public.

“The above, to generate a space for national reflection on the protection and appropriate use and care of natural resources for the preservation of life,” the minister noted.

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He clarified that this civic day does not apply to sectors that work on fundamental rights such as health, security in the hands of the Armed Forces and Police, as well as emergency and disaster agencies.

He also stated that it applies to territorial entities, national public universities and national public schools, but not to private schools and universities.

“We invite the principals of private schools to join this campaign to save water, especially in some cities like Bogotá,” he noted.

The decree

“The territorial entities and their decentralized entities, the autonomous entities and the branches of the legislative and judicial power, and citizens in general, are urged to accept the provisions of this decree, being autonomous in deciding whether to grant as a non-business day on the third Friday of the month of April every year, starting on April 19, 2024, to commemorate the civic day of Peace with Nature,” the decree notes.

It also establishes that “within the framework of their autonomy, the certified territorial entities together with the Ministry of National Education may adopt the pertinent measures to modify the academic calendars, in accordance with the respective legal provisions and, in particular, Decree 1075 of 2015”.

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