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This is how ‘the Blessed’, smuggling czar, fell

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This is how ‘the Blessed’, smuggling czar, fell

In a joint operation between the Police, the CTI of the Prosecutor’s Office and the United States Drug Control Administration (DEA), Ricardo Orozco Baeza, known as the ‘czar’ of smuggling and alias the Blessed, was captured on February 28. one of the most important smugglers in the country, accused of being responsible for 80% of the trafficking of pirated products.

The capture of Orozco Baeza was classified as a hard blow to criminal structures, since he was the second in command of another powerful criminal who controls a large part of the elements that entered illegally through the port of Buenaventura.

According to the director of the Police, General William Salamanca, the arrest of El Benceso is only the beginning of the delivery of results of a mega-operation against smuggling in the country.

“The beginning, barely, of the escape operation, which was born in the very heart of the Police, complying with the guidelines of honesty and complying with an order from the president and the Minister of Defense to crack down on smuggling,” he said.

The arrest of Orozco Baeza occurred after several months of investigation in which it was determined that he and his criminal structure had plagued the bowels of the country’s port authorities in Santa Marta Cartagena and Buenaventura with corruption, where all the merchandise that entered moved nationally and left him with income, close to 8 billion pesos a year.

“When we talk about this organization we have to say how much the Colombian State stopped receiving to strengthen health and education: 8 billion pesos, committed around 3 ports: Santa Marta, Cartagena and Buenaventura,” the prosecutor said at a press conference. General (e) Martha Mancera.

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He was captured along with three police officers thanks to a DEA infiltrator

The Blessed One was a powerful man who had corrupted a former police officer and another active uniformed officer who was part of the institution’s senior leadership and even at some point was part of the office of a senior police officer.

To unravel the entire network of corruption and materialize the capture of Orozco, the intervention of a DEA agent was necessary, who was infiltrated for several months in the mega smuggling network and was able to compile sufficient evidentiary material to locate and incriminate the smuggler and the uniformed man. retirement and active officer.

According to the Police, the captured uniformed officers were Colonel Alexánder Galeano Ardila, who was deputy director of Risk Analysis and Evaluation of the UNP, and serving major Mario Sarmiento Rojas.

Regarding the last officer, a police source told El Tiempo: “My oldest Sarmiento is a pilot and was second in his promotion. He was private secretary to a current brigadier general who learned about the capture in a course with the FBI in the United States. The last thing we knew was that they had sent him to Vichada seven months ago while the investigations were underway.”

The media indicated that along with the police officers and Ricardo Orozco Baeza, alias El Blessed, José Helí Alzate Moncayo was also captured, who, as Infobae Colombia learned, is a deputy mayor of the Police and is related to the National Protection Unit. (ONE P).

Regarding the detention of the Uniformed, the prosecutor (e) Mancera said: “When we talk about smuggling we have to say that this activity is not done only with individuals, but it is also 90% done so that it is carried out, with servers public that are illegally dedicated to not fulfilling their function of ensuring that all activities carried out are transparent.” With Infobae

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