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This time the motorcycle thieves robbed a couple in Cali

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This time the motorcycle thieves robbed a couple in Cali

Beyond the various operations and arrests that the Cali Police carry out in the capital of Valle, theft scenarios continue to plague the citizenry.

One of the most recent events occurred in the Los Pinos neighborhood of commune 7 in the capital of Valle.

In a video recorded by a security camera in the sector, the moment in which several motorcycle thieves stole the belongings of a couple who was parked on their motorcycle on a road in Cali is evident.

Despite trying to run away, the woman victim of the robbery, who was on the grill, was hit by one of the thieves who intimidated her into stealing it.

The motorcycle thieves in this painful assault used bladed weapons and firearms to threaten their victims. Authorities are investigating the videos to find those responsible.

Theft cases are repetitive:

It should be remembered that last Friday, several householders who work with applications in Cali, demanded that the authorities, through a sit-in, clarify the tragic event in which Andrés Restrepo, a rappitendero who was attacked at dawn, lost his life on June 1 by various assailants.

The resident, a fatality, was attacked by three men who stole his cell phone and subsequently murdered him.

“We require a greater police presence in the streets during the night and early morning, so that we can work without fear. We ask that justice be done in the case of our colleague Felipe,” said Álvaro Velasco, vice president of the home workers union.

Residents ask the Mayor’s Office for greater security in the neighborhoods of Cali during the night and early morning hours, so that they can work with peace of mind.

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On the other hand, another viral video on social networks exposes two motorcycle thieves assaulting several MIO users at the Calipso station.

Given this fact, the authorities offered a reward of $5 million pesos for their capture and respective prosecution.

“Attention, Cali. We offer up to a $5,000,000 million reward for information that allows us to find the whereabouts of the subjects who committed theft of people through the use of firearms at MIO facilities,” reported the Cali Secretary of Security and Justice.

The National Police reporting lines to which citizens can resort to report alleged thieves are: 314 360 62 93/ 321 394 51 56.

Likewise, they can write to the emails mecal.sijin@policia.gov.co/mecal.sijin-adepe@policia.gov.co


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