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This weekend 75% of Antioquians will celebrate Father’s Day

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This weekend 75% of Antioquians will celebrate Father’s Day

Over the years, Father’s Day has gained strength among Colombian celebrations, just behind Mother’s Day and Christmas, which take first places.

Fenalco Antioquia conducted a survey in which it found that, just like last year, 75% of Antioquians will celebrate this special date this weekend, highlighting that 51.7% will do so in the comfort of their home.

The date will be special for paisa parents, especially because the weekend of Sunday June 18 is part of one of the festive bridges of the year, and also because this date coincides with the payment of the premium for services received by a large part of workers in the middle of this month.

This series of situations augurs a busy day and weekend in terms of commerce, since bars, gastrobars, restaurants and neighborhood shops will also be part of this celebration. Precisely, among those surveyed, 19.3% will take their father to eat at a restaurant, while 22.2% will visit a relative’s house.

Likewise, Fenalco highlights that among the preferred gifts are clothing and footwear as the main choice (64.8%), followed by technology (9.5%), cash (9.2%), ranch and liquors (8 .6%), sporting goods (6%) and jewelry and watches (4.9%), among others.

The place selected for purchases of 37.5% are chain stores, while for 25.9% they are specialized stores and for 16.3% department stores. 13.7% will do so online and 13.4% will go to downtown stores, especially El Hueco.

“In the Federation we conducted a survey and found that 75% of Antioquians will celebrate Father’s Day, next Sunday, June 18, so we project sales similar to those of last year, of about 900,000 million pesos, taking into account It also counts the payment of the service premium. We highlight that 22% will have a budget of more than $301,000, while 14.5% will have a budget of up to $300,000. 58% will invest up to $200,000 and 5% up to $50,000”, indicates María José Bernal Gaviria, Executive Director of Fenalco Antioquia.

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It should be noted that the preferred means of payment will be cash (51.6%), followed by debit card (31.7%) and credit card (16.7%). There are also those who do not celebrate this day, 31.4% of those surveyed do not have a father, while 28.8% are not interested in this day and 18.6% do not have money. 13.6% have no contact with their father and 5.1% are unemployed.

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