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This work today is a monument to corruption: Mauricio Salazar

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This work today is a monument to corruption: Mauricio Salazar

In the middle of the inauguration of La Avenida los Colibríes – which was not delivered within the stipulated times -, Mayor Mauricio Salazar announces that judicial proceedings will begin. On March 15, the contractual deadline to deliver the 3.4 kilometers of the first phase of this avenue ended.

In his speech, the mayor is surprised to find people working and calls the presence of workers “exotic”, since contractually on the 15th this first phase should have been completed and, therefore, there should not be people working in the place .

Mauricio Salazar, in the middle of his speech, took time to show a video with the promises of the previous mayor Maya, where he indicated, while the work was in progress and after it was celebrated, that the avenue was going to have three lanes in each direction « three for the west, three for the east”, in addition to platforms for pedestrians and a cycle path for cyclists.

Evidently, the work is unfinished, so the mayor announces that this chapter of Avenida los Hummingbirds is closing and a new one begins to find those responsible for what he called a “monument to corruption.”

Mayor Salazar, supported by a group of experts from different fields, presents the report on the work, which includes Gustavo Cardona, secretary of infrastructure, Marco Antonio Rendón, operational director of infrastructure works, and Oscar Alberto Alzate Valencia, advisor to the office. , Juan Daniel Giraldo Ochoa director of road infrastructure maintenance, Fabio Andrés Montoya Torres contractor, Luisa Maria Grajales Pulgarín contractor, Martín Antonio Carvajal Duque external advisor, Efraín Gonzáles Morales technical director of Edud, James Cifuentes Maldonado external advisor and Carlos Arturo Jaramillo former magistrate, they were the members of the committee that gave the legal, technical and financial balance of the work.

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One of the conclusions given in the report is that the contractor did not deliver the work in accordance with the scope and purpose of the contract. The contract spoke of 3.4 kilometers and today the contractor has only intervened 3 kilometers. Furthermore, it was contemplated in the contract that the width of the road is 32.5 meters, what they delivered is 22 meters. In 2.4 kilometers, only 22 meters of width is reached and not 32.5 as established in the contract. The three lanes that former mayor Maya mentioned became two lanes, without any justification. There are also no cycle lanes, no sewage network, no green areas, lighting, or security components.

The mayor of the city raises the challenges of his administration in the midst of this situation. For this he makes a reservation, finishing the first phase is only useful if the second phase is carried out, otherwise it remains like a white elephant.

1. finish this first phase, but this first phase without the second is a white elephant, if the avenue is left like this, “perhaps so that the motorcyclists come here to crash.” 2. build the second phase. And the second phase costs “as the crow flies” 250 billion more than it costs to finish the first phase. And he warns “the municipality does not have the resources to finish this road or to build a second phase.”

Despite the reality, the mayor indicates that he will look for creative solutions to find the best way to finance this road project for the city.

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Before cutting the ribbon, Salazar declared that he was “overtaken by enormous sadness as a Pereiran, as a mayor I feel sorry, I feel shame,” because these are the types of works that make citizens lose faith. And he apologizes to the people of Pereira, assuming the commitment to continue on the trail to find out who is responsible for “this white elephant.”

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