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“Those close to Silvestre could be involved in the robbery”: Children of Luz Enith Orozco

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“Those close to Silvestre could be involved in the robbery”: Children of Luz Enith Orozco

“People close to Silvestre Dangond could be involved in the million-dollar robbery recorded at his home in Valledupar. We feel that they themselves have been deceived, they reside in the United States and could be relying on what others say. “Everything started badly from the day the theft was discovered, the police were even called seven hours later by the artist’s representatives in the city.”

This was stated by Luisa Fernanda, William, Camilo Andrés and Carlos William Orozco, children of Luz Enith Orozco, the former employee of Silvestre Dangond who was sent to prison, after being accused by the Prosecutor’s Office for the crime of aggravated theft.

They consider that in the case there are many details in the air and that they do not agree with what happened, even the children of the accused assure that they have made themselves available to the accusing body and have provided sufficient evidence to distort the facts for which they are pointing out. to his mother.

Luisa Fernanda Orozco assured that her mother is being accused of theft because she appears in some videos, the prosecution is not being clear about everything that happened. These recordings are from November 14 and the robbery took place four days later.

“I arrived on November 14 to visit my mother to coordinate the issue of some Silvestre concert tickets that we resold, and that the artist’s manager gave us. My mother tells me to accompany her upstairs and we enter the room of one of the singer’s children, we never enter the main room; Then we went down with some purses that they had given to my mother, as well as some bags that were the packaging.”

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Although Piery, Silvestre’s wife, denied at the hearing that she never gave him the bags, which had not been used in the house for more than a year, they can prove that this was not the case. “We knew that there were security cameras in the house, so it is illogical to think that we were stealing, we had a normal attitude without fear of anything, in fact, the same day that my mother was captured I handed over the bags and perfumes to the prosecutor’s office. , one of which was part of a kit, whose box they now say was where we carried the stolen money.”

For his part, Camilo Andrés Orozco admitted that on November 14 he entered the house in the afternoon, and he was accompanied by his wife, daughter and nephew, with whom they toured the artist’s house without fear of being recorded by the cameras because they were just getting to know. “They are pointing fingers at us for appearing in those videos, but they don’t say what happened to the other people who took the money and who are shown as criminals crawling around in the videos. Likewise, the house was violated, doors and windows were broken; In addition, they left traces of blood at the scene due to a cut and we also underwent tests to compare those fluids.”

They reiterated that their mother has also been a victim of this whole situation, they exposed her by leaving her with 890 million pesos in the house, something she was unaware of, even the head of security at the property gave her a firearm. “She was alone in the house, there were no guards. “My mother did not open the door to anyone because the house was violated,” she said.

Yeferson Camaño, Orozco’s defense attorney, assured that it is a process that has just begun, now the concentrated hearings are coming for the defense to present its arguments, and in trial the versions will be heard with the presentation of witnesses from both parties.

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“It will be difficult for the prosecution to find arguments for the accusation, it was a hasty investigation, many details were passed on, it focused on a single person and specific situations have been foreseen for us. Even the chain of custody, the crime scene and other evidentiary elements could have been violated,” explained the jurist.

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