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Those who burned a Libertadores bus and kidnapped a cattle ranch in Casanare fell – news

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Those who burned a Libertadores bus and kidnapped a cattle ranch in Casanare fell – news

The Disaster Risk Management Directorate of the Government of Casanare makes a warning call to the Casanare community, given the arrival of the December season and the presence of the El Niño phenomenon.

Given this, the office chaired by Arvey Méndez, regarding its mission of warning and preventing; urges the entire population to take measures against the inappropriate use of gunpowder, the increase in traffic accidents and the considerable increase in the risk of forest fires and fires inside homes.

Before Gunpowder:

Do not allow children to handle and play with pyrotechnic material. Well, every Christmas, the country’s hospitals receive children with injuries to their hands, faces and eyes. Some of these injuries remain for life.

The invitation is to enjoy Christmas, leaving the gunpowder in the hands of the experts. “Last year in Casanare, no burned children were reported and we want to continue with this statistic,” says director Arvey Méndez.

On the tracks:

Given the increase in traffic accidents this holiday season, we recommend driving while respecting all traffic rules. Accidents not only cause deaths of people, they also leave people in a vegetative state, generate family burdens and multiple debts.

The biggest recommendation: do not drive under the influence of alcohol.

El Niño Phenomenon:

This natural phenomenon is present in the country. And according to the different international agencies it would go until the first half of 2024.

The event is caused by the warming of the surface waters of the Pacific Ocean and generates: intense and prolonged droughts, strong winds, high temperatures, forest fires and fires inside homes.

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• On pot walks, put out campfires well.

• Do not throw away lit cigarette butts. No bottles in forest and savanna areas.

• To take care of fences and paddocks, make alleys (guard stripes).

• Do not burn to prepare land, if this is done, request the accompaniment of firefighters.

How is the department prepared?

The different administrations are continually working to strengthen relief organizations, through funding.

There is an agreement between the National Disaster Risk Management System and the FAC, to respond to fires with a bambi bucket.

A humanitarian aid bank has been established for the first response to victims. Likewise, there is machinery and tank trucks for the distribution of water in case of shortages.

Recently, from the National Disaster Risk Management Unit, an intervention and adaptation of watering holes was carried out in critical points due to drought in Paz de Ariporo.

Source: Casanare Governorate

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