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Three criminal structures dismantled by the Cali Police

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Three criminal structures dismantled by the Cali Police

The sale of narcotics in school environments of Cali It is one of the criminal scenes that the city authorities are constantly attacking.

In this sense, in coordination with the Attorney General’s Office, the Metropolitan Police of Cali I dismantled three criminal gangs called the ‘Dakota’, the ‘Twins’ and the ‘Hueco’.

These criminal groups were engaged in the sale of drugs in parks and school environments in the neighborhoods:

– The Garden.
– Antonio nariño.
–Mariano Ramos.
– Figures 1 and
– Alirio Mora.
– Great Valley.
– Andes, Samán.
– Sena.
– Villa del Prado.

38 search and raid procedures in communes 5, 13, 16 and 21 were necessary to capture 27 people, including a minor; for the crimes of homicide, illegal carrying of firearms, aggravated criminal conspiracy, drug trafficking or possession, use of minors to commit crimes and theft.

Criminal mode of operation

1. One of the bands made the sale through home orders.

2. Another of the criminal groups used the facade of document processors or “red clothes” to avoid raising suspicions.

3. “The twins” used minors under 14 years of age since they had no criminal responsibility.


– A firearm.
– A traumatic weapon with a modified barrel.
– 24,630 grams of marijuana.
– 1,614 grams of cocaine.
– 161 grams of bazuco.
– Material to dose the psychoactive substance.

The captured and the apprehended were left at the disposal of the competent authority, who ordered 26 intramural measures and two liberties to continue linked to the process.

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